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Canadian Solar is indeed a leading global solar panel manufacturer, known for its high quality and cost-efficient products. The company's reputation as a "bankable" brand, as rated by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, is a positive indicator of its financial stability and reliability as a supplier.

It's worth noting that while Canadian Solar primarily operates in China, it also has a global presence, with offices and operations in several countries around the world. This can be an advantage for customers looking for a supplier with both local and international reach.

It's also worth noting that the efficiency and temperature coefficient of a solar panel are not the only factors to consider when evaluating its performance. Other important factors to consider include the panels power output, durability, and warranty. Canadian Solar's modules are known for their high power output, which makes them suitable for a wide range of solar energy applications, including residential, commercial and utility-scale projects.

In summary, Canadian Solar is a reputable and high-quality solar panel manufacturer that offers competitively priced and bankable options to customers. It is a good idea to consider them as one of the options while selecting solar panel supplier.